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Roller massagers are used to increase muscle mobility and blood flow, making movement at any speed more comfortable.  During our 45-minute Feel Better, Move More workshop, participants are taught to use Addaday-brand rollers to self-perform light and deep tissue massage from foot to neck.

3 Major Benefits of Using Addaday Massage Roller

1) Increase circulation: Manipulation of the muscles causes the blood vessels to dilate and pump more blood into the muscles and fascia.

  • Before Exercise: warms up the tissues and make them more pliable to stretching, and less prone to injury.
  • After Exercise: flushes the residue of exercise (i.e. metabolic waste products) from the muscles to hasten recovery.

2) Treats Connective Tissue scarring and muscular adhesions, which result from normal training and body imbalances.

  • Before Exercise: breaks down dysfunctional scarring that forms as your body attempts to heal from the stress of your previous workouts. Helps create functional scarring that makes you more resilient to injury.
  • After Exercise: relaxes tired and tight muscles, works out the knots (muscle spasms) that occur when muscles are overtaxed.

3) Sensory Stimulation from the proprietary, textured surfaces of the Addaday massage tools stimulate the nervous system to create a reflex relaxation of the muscles, much the same way acupressure works.

  • Before Exercise: works out the knots and relaxes the small muscle spasms, known as trigger points, which result from workouts and daily life and interfere with proper muscle and joint function.
  • After Exercise: relaxes muscle spasm that occurs in fatigued or overtaxed muscles.
Our next workshops:
  • Monday, October 12th, 6:45pm at Fleet Feet  Des Peres. Cost is $10.00

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