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The 5k Finish program is a learn to walk, run/walk or run program designed for the true beginner.  During this 10-week program, participants are surrounded by a team of dedicated, motivated people all working toward the goal of becoming healthy and strong. By the time they cross the finish line of their goal 5k (3.1 mile) race, team members will have learned the importance of proper form, stretching, hydration, and nutrition - all the tools needed to maintain their new fitness routine.  

Details on the 5k Finish Program beginning early 2019 coming soon.

Program Perks

  • PROVEN: We've helped thousands of new athletes complete their first 5k. 100% of the participants in our Summer 2014 program reported that they improved their fitness level and more than 90% reported achieving their personal goals. Overall, the program was rated 4-1/2 out of 5 "stars" by participants.
  • CAMARADERIE: Group training is like having a personal fitness support group. Our support group meets twice weekly.
  • FUN: Our terrific team of mentors ensures that fun and fitness co-exist in our 5k programs.
  • GRADUAL: We take pride in helping participants safely improve their fitness levels. Our mission is to help team members move more comfortably at every athletic stage of training.
  • EXTRAS: Participants receive a Fleet Feet Running Club t-shirt, in-store discounts at Fleet Feet Sports, and a graduation celebration.

All 5k Finish participants will receive:

  • A professionally designed, 10-week training program, including daily workouts.
  • 2 weekly coached group workouts.
  • Coaches and pace groups (walk, walk/run, and run) at each coached group workout.  To help you reach success, 5k Finish offers 4 goal-specific groups:
    • Group 1 – Participants who are hoping to walk a 5k.
    • Group 2 – Participants who are hoping to introduce running into their walking routine.
    • Group 3 – Participants who are hoping to run/walk a 5k.
    • Group 4 – Participants who are hoping to run a 5k.
  • Weekly communications and support from our dedicated coaching staff.
  • Seminars and clinics on topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, how to dress in the ever-changing St. Louis weather, and cross-training.
  • Affiliation with our extensive team of community partners, health professionals, and service providers who offer benefits to all team members.
  • Discounts at Fleet Feet Sports during the training period.
  • A Fleet Feet Running Club shirt.
  • Unparalleled motivation and the camaraderie of fellow participants with the same training goal!
  • Race day support and post-party.
Take the first two steps of the Fleet Feet Training Arch and purchase the 5k Finish Training Program for $100 - two weekly coached group workouts.  Add 10 performance-enhancing and injury-reducing Fleet Feet group classes to complete the Fleet Feet Training Arch and pay $200 - along with the two weekly coached group workouts, you'll receive one weekly Functional Strength or Functional Flexibility group class.  

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"This group truly has 'No Boundaries'.  There is no pressure or shaming.  The amazing coaches definitely provide motivation and support to help you reach your individual goals.  I feel blessed to have found this group and am looking forward to the next session.  Without the coaches, this truly wouldn't be the same.  Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. Thank you!" – Kristen G.

"This has been the best experience.  Such a great group.  Thank you so much to the great coaches who volunteered their time for us.  Fleet Feet No Boundaries coaches are the best!"  Liz B.

"It was the group runs where I learned the most.  It was there, running with Barb and Brandi in front of me or next to me that I learned how not to quit, how to push myself a little harder, and how to take it a little easier.  I was inspired by all of the people dedicated to improving their lives. Thanks to both of you, and to all of the other coaches, and to all of the other runners and run/walkers and walkers for making this such a positive experience for me. I appreciate it more than any of you might ever know." – Ethan S.

"Prior to No Boundaries, I was the poster child for how to NOT run. Now, with the coaching help of Brandi and Barb I know proper gear and clothing are not only important for comfort, but it helps prevent injuries. Your teaching skills and coaching have helped me immensely. It changed me from someone who only wanted to run to get in shape to someone who runs for the joy of the sport. To top it off, I lost 27lbs in 10 weeks since our No Boundaries program began." – Kevin M.

"This was my first Fleet Feet group training.  I loved it and am going to continue.  The No Boundaries coaches were awesome!!  I had no idea how much more fun running would be when combined with other fun crazies who like to run and socialize afterwards.  Oh, and having someone cheering me on at the finish line: Priceless!" – Julie M.

"Great coaches! They helped with race day motivation the whole 10 weeks. They seemed to care about everyone’s goals and needs." – Ashley C.

"I went above and beyond my wildest dreams in No Boundaries. Thanks for a life-changing program." – Cheryl W.

"Through the amazing guidance and support of our coaches, we all successfully completed the first of many 5ks." – Kelly B.

"This is a program that works...for everybody." – Kevin C.


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