Week 9 - Rockwood Reservation

Cancelled for Saturday, January 14th has been cancelled due to weather conditions.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Starting Location:  Rockwoods Reservation, 2751 Glencoe Rd, Wildwood, MO 63038 (trail head)

Parking Instructions - Plan on meeting at the La Salle Springs Middle School (3300 Missouri 109, Glencoe, MO 63038) parking lot starting at 7:00am.  We will leave that lot promptly at 7:15am to head to the trail head.  Drive all the way into the park towards the Visitor Center - our start/finish point will be closest to the building (near a stop sign) - if that lot fills up there are a few smaller lots near by that you can use and then meet us over by the building. Due to slightly limited spaces we need to car pool to cut down on some of the congestion.

SIDE NOTE - Fleet Feet Marathon Training will also be meeting at the La Salle Springs Middle School for their weekend run, just FYI when you see more folks hanging around there.

Run Description: SHORT course = 3-4 loops / LONG course = 4-5 loops

See map below for reference.

To start, everyone will run the Green Rock Trail which will be an out-and-back roughly 6 miles in length. This will be our most technical and challenging section so we will get it done while everyone is fresh! Think of it as a roller coaster ride. Near the 3 mile mark you will come to a paved road - that is where you turn around and head back. Be mindful of your fellow trail runners when you start to cross paths. Once back at the cars, grab any food or drink that is needed before heading out for loop 2 which will follow the Rock Quarry Trail - run this 2 mile loop in a counter-clockwise manner, from the starting point head North along the road and roughly just over a 1/4mi into it turn left onto the trail. This does include a happy set of stairs to climb up, but once to the top you get some nice views of the land around you before a nice down hill back to the start. Grab and food or drink needed before heading out to loop 3 which will follow the Trail Among the Trees path.

Those running SHORT will stay on this trail the entire way, which is around 1.8 miles or so back to the start. The final half of Trail Among the Trees trail is mostly downhill and mixed pavement and trail. Once back at the start for the SHORT course folks, you are roughly just shy of 10 miles or so - you can either call it a day, or if you wanted to get closer to that 11 mile mark you may run the OPTIONAL 4th loop which is heading out onto the Rock Quarry Trail in reverse from the start (clockwise), and once to the top of the uphill take your first right for the short-cut back down to the Visitor Center. This loop is just shy of a mile.

Those running LONG, while on loop 3 at roughly .9 of a mile into the loop is where you will make a left turn to take a connector trail over to the Lime Kiln Trail (SHORT COURSE DOES NOT RUN THIS PORTION!). Once you connect to the Lime Kiln, turn right onto it and run this loop in a counter-clockwise manner back to this spot and then head back over to the Trail Among the Trees again to finish the same way those running SHORT did. This entire spur is roughly 3 miles all together from when you leave the short course and when you rejoin it. The paved path all the way down back to the start to complete your 3rd loop. Once back at the start grab and food and drink if needed (you should be around 13 miles or so at this point in the run) and then for loop 4 you will run the exact same as loop 2 on the Rock Quarry Trail, going counter-clockwise - so head North again on the road and then make the left onto the trail, this is a 2 mile loop. You have the option of calling it a day at this point as you should be around 15 miles when you complete the 4th loop, or you can also go and run the OPTIONAL 5th loop and run the Rock Quarry Trail in reverse, so head back up the hill you just came down and once at the top take the short cut trail on your right back down to the Visitor Center - this is just shy of a mile.

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