Starting Location: Greensfelder Park Visitors Center, 4312-4326 Allenton Rd, Wildwood, MO 63069

Parking Instructions: Parking lots will be scattered around the start - there is one across the street from the Visitor Center off of Hencken Rd as well as one just south of the Visitor Center off of Allenton Road on the West side of the road (if coming from highway 44 it will be on your left just before the Visitor Center and if you are coming from Manchester Road, it will be on your right just after the Visitor Center).  If you can, please try to car pool as spaces may be limited!

Run Description:


Short course has 2 loops, long course has 3 loops. Mileage is approximately 5.5 for short and 9 for long.

Everyone will run 2 loops together, and then those going long will add the 3rd loop. From the Visitor Center lot we will head out onto the trail and then make the first RIGHT and follow the DEER RUN trail (yellow markings) briefly till we can make another RIGHT and cross over Allenton Road. After we cross we will pass by a yellow gate and then turn RIGHT to hop on the DOGWOOD trail (black markings). The path will take you down a short hill, and then at a 3-way intersection we will turn RIGHT, running this loop in a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE fashion all the way back to this intersection, and then back up the hill and back across the road, then turn LEFT to take the DEER RUN trail back to the start. Loop 1 completed.

To start on loop 2, head back out on the trail from the Visitor Center lot, this time just keep STRAIGHT at the 4-way intersection and we will follow the EAGLE VALLEY trail (blue markings) down the hill for roughly a mile. At the bottom when you can turn RIGHT and hop on the DEER RUN trail (yellow markings) turn there and take that back up and all the way back to the start to complete the loop. This entire loop is run in a CLOCKWISE manner. Short course runners are finished.

Those going long will now start their 3rd and final loop. From the Visitor Center lot, head back out on the trail once again, this time turning LEFT at the 4-way intersection and once again taking the EAGLE VALLEY trail (blue markings). We will stay entirely on this trail, so follow all blue trail sign markings and any ribbon along the way all the way around in a CLOCKWISE manner back to the start. Long course is finished.

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