Greensfelder 2015-16 08

Starting Location: 4515 Hencken Rd, Pacific, MO 63069

Parking Instructions - Parking lots will be scattered around the start.


Run Description:

Short Group:  (Trail Map, or see below)  Start running the Eagle Valley Trail (BLUE markings) going counter-clockwise by heading STRAIGHT onto the trail from the starting point. Near the midway point along the flat gravel road and near the end of all the horse steeple barriers you will see a sign for the Green Rock Trail on your right just before the Eagle Valley Trail makes a left, turn RIGHT onto the Green Rock Trail - you will take this a short ways and look for the access to the Overlook Trail on your RIGHT, turn on to this trail. Take this all the way to the end (approx. .8 of a mile long), where we will then jump onto the Beulah Trail and run that counter-clockwise (approx. 2.1 miles) back to the trail head here you picked it up, make a RIGHT to get back on the Overlook Trail and take that back down to the Green Rock Trail again, make the LEFT to head towards the Eagle Valley Trail and turn RIGHT to continue along the Eagle Valley Trail all the way back to the finish - that completes the short course!

**NOTE - The trail map link I provided was from Jan 2nd running the trails - you will notice that on the Beulah Trail that it is a little different than what is shown on the park map down below. It is well marked and straight forward, as well as a sign that says where the old trail path is CLOSED, so the link is the exact route we will be running for the short course.  Just FYI.  :)

Mileage:  7.3 miles approx.

Long Group:  (see below)  Run the same as the short course to start. Once back at the start, head out along the YELLOW trail markings by turning RIGHT from the parking lot and take to the point where the trail crosses the road (same as how we started the last time here). Once you cross the road and go through the yellow gates, take the Dogwood Trail on your RIGHT and run that counter-clockwise all the way back to this access point, then head back over the road to rejoin the YELLOW trail (Deer Run Trail). Here you have an option - either head back to the parking lot to either finish (puts you around 10 miles) or grab food and drink before heading out for the final loop, or instead of turning towards the parking lot, simply turn RIGHT onto the Deer Run trail just after crossing the road and run this counter-clockwise all the way around till it comes back to the parking lot (follow the YELLOW trail markings) - doing this final loop makes it over 12 miles in length. You are finished!     

Mileage:  10 - 12.4 miles approx.

The map below shows the planned routes - everyone runs loop 1 in PINK in a counter-clockwise fashion, then those going long will run loop 2 in ORANGE, also in a counter-clockwise fashion and either finish up or if wanting more go out for loop 3 in RED running counter-clockwise as well.


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