Castlewood 2015-16 07

Starting Location: 1401 Kiefer Creek Rd., Ballwin, MO

Parking Instructions - The main gates to the park open at 7:00am, and we will start the run at 7:30am.  Please park in the lot adjacent to the playground on LEFT just after crossing over the creek.


Run Description:

Short Group:  (Trail Map, or see below)  From the parking lot at playground, head back out over the creek and take the trail on the RIGHT side (north side of the road) and follow the BLUE trail markings for Grotpeter Trail for a little over 2 miles. Once at the 4-way intersection head straight to pick up the trail with #3 trail markings (this is the reverse of what those who ran the full short course on week 4 ran), taking this down the hill and then make the sharp RIGHT turn to take the trail marked by #2 back up towards Ries Rd. (this spot is right near the Visitor Center cut-off). Once back up at Ries Rd, cross over and follow the trail down the hill and back up and when you can make a LEFT turn, make the turn to follow the trail marked by #1 all the way down, then rejoin the Grotpeter Trail by turning LEFT, this will spit you out at Kiefer Creek. Cross the road and then at the 4-way intersection turn RIGHT to hit the creek crossing (YAY!). After the creek, follow the trail by staying to your LEFT all the way back to the parking lot to complete the first loop (approx 6 miles). Refuel if needed, then the final loop will be heading out along the flat trails going under the train tracks and jumping on the trail on your LEFT, then following the river around till you hit the open clearing. Head LEFT after the clearing to make your way to the bottom of the wooden stairs, head up to the top and then once past the wooden fence you will make the sharp LEFT turn to hop onto the Lone Wolf trail and take that path back down towards the creek crossing, go through the creek a second time (oh yeah....) and then turn RIGHT to follow the trail back to the parking lot to finish (this is the same loop that we ran on week 1).  NOTE: the trail map is 99% the same as what we run, only it does not show you crossing the creek the 2nd time, otherwise it is the same route.

Mileage:  10 miles roughly

Long Group:  (see below)  Start off the same as the short course, then for your final loop head back out along the Grotpeter trail past the Visitor Center and pass by the creek crossing and then cross over Kiefer Creek. Unlike last time out, stay on Grotpeter up what is known as Cardiac Hill and continue along the trail till you hit Ries Rd. Cross over the road and this time take the trail on your LEFT to continue along Grotpeter. Once you come to the 4-way intersection where you can join the Roller Coast trail again, keep STRAIGHT and now you should be seeing trail markings #4 - take this to the next 4-way intersection where Grotpeter rejoins it, and take the trail on your RIGHT to take the shorter path back down, this is also marked by #5 trail markers. Once at the bottom here, it rejoins the Grotpeter and take a RIGHT turn, follow this back out to the road and turn LEFT and make your way back to the cars to finish.    

Mileage:  13-14 miles roughly

COURSE MAP BELOW - short course consists of running 2 loops (1 and 2) while the long course will add on loop #3 after the first two loops.  Loop 1 will run COUNTER CLOCKWISE (pink), loop 2 will run CLOCKWISE (purple), and those running long will run loop 3 CLOCKWISE (orange)

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