Lost Valley 2015-16 06

Starting Location:  7293 Missouri 94, St Charles, MO 63304 - car pool lot

Parking Instructions - Due to a smaller parking lot, we will do car pooling again to cut down on congestion.  We will utilize the paved lot near the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail & Museum - the same place we met for week 3 at Hamburg Trail.  Plan on arriving here by 6:45am, and then promptly leaving here at 7:00am to head to the main trail lot which is roughly 4 miles down the road off highway 94 (turn RIGHT out of the paved lot, and look for the trail parking lot on your RIGHT, a gravel lot).

Run Description:

Short Group:  (Trail Map)  The  short course will head out from the start, and after approximately 3/4 of a mile, turn LEFT onto a single track dirt trail running clockwise.  Follow this trail all the way till it spits you out at the top of the gravel road which is roughly around or just before 7 miles into the run.  Once here turn RIGHT and follow the gravel path all the way back down and head to the start to finish. NOTE: When looking at the trail map, from the parking lot head out till you make that first LEFT, then run that bubble clockwise till you can make the RIGHT turn to head straight back down towards the parking lot.

Mileage:  9 miles approx.

Long Group:  (Trail Map)  You will start out with the short course, running clockwise.  Once you hit near the 7mi mark on the gravel road, the long course will turn LEFT and follow that and then at a 3 way intersection turn RIGHT to stay in Lost Valley (if you go straight it will take you up a short, steep hill and back to Hamburg Trail - do not run this way). NOTE: When looking at trail map, you will be running the outer perimeter path going clockwise - those running long will NOT take the center path down the middle at all, short course only.

Mileage:  12 miles approx.

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