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Speed School is a unique, 6-class program designed to improve speed at any distance. During each hour-long class, our certified coach leads students through a focused series of running drills, speed dynamics, and muscle activation exercises that are both fun and extremely effective.
Program Perks:
  • Scientifically-based performance performance training.  Did you know that if you decrease your ground contact time by as little as 1/100th of a second, you could improve your mile time by :15-:20 seconds.  Our goal at Speed School is to teach you how to move better, get faster, and optimize stride mechanics and efficiency.  
  • Experienced, professional head coaching.  With over 20 years of experience in sports performance, our degreed and credentialed coaches have led 80% of Speed School participants to a Personal Record (PR) in a variety of distances. 
  • Excellent for athletes in any sport.  Speed School has successfully improved athletes in track & field, cross country, triathlon, marathon & half marathon, volleyball, and soccer.  Athletes have included IronmanTM triathletes, USATF National Cross Country Champions, Boston marathoners, collegiate & high school athletes, along with first time triathletes and runners.  
  • Weekly training focus.  Training is cumulative and builds off the ground work laid week to week.  Weekly training focuses allow for more efficient athletic development and improved central nervous system development.  
 Program Details:
  • Information on next Speed School session is coming soon.
  • Cost is $90 for six classes ($15 per class).

"I've PR'd in everything from the 5K to the marathon since Speed School."  - S.M.

"When I do my drills and exercises, the Garmin always reads faster than normal.  I notice how much quicker and easier it is to run after them.  It is amazing what you can do when everything works together."  - M.W.

"Speed School helped me bounce back from injury.  My body doesn't feel so beaten up after long runs and hard workouts now."  - L.C.

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Speed School

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