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Improve performance in the 5K race distance

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5K races are the most popular racing distance because they offer something for everyone. Completing the 3.1-mile distance is an accomplishment for novice runners - and advanced runners are challenged by 5K racing's need for sustained speed.  Details on our next Superfeet sponsored, 10-week Advanced 5K Training Program will be coming soon.  

Our Advanced 5K Training Program is for experienced runners who have made the transition from completing to competing and who have been following a structured training program for at least one year.

By participating in our Advanced 5K Training program, you will...

  • Solve the 5K Puzzle.  Our Advanced 5K Training Program assemble pieces to create stride efficiency, 5K-specific "fast-twitch" endurance, aerobic endurance, versatile race pace efficiency, and post-run recovery and injury prevention.  
  • Be led by Experienced, Professional Head Coaching.  With over 20 years of experience in sports performance, our degreed and credentialed coaches have led 80% of advanced program participants to a Personal Record (PR) in a variety of distances. 
When you join our Advanced 5K Training Program, you will...

  • begin with a formal "no run required" meeting.  Date/Time/Location is TBD
  • perform track workouts on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm at Parkway Northeast Middle School.
  • complete pace/tempo runs on Sunday mornings at Forest Park starting at 7:00am.
Take the first two steps of the Fleet Feet Training Arch and purchase the Advanced 5K Training Program for $100 - two weekly coached group workouts.  Add 10 performance-enhancing and injury-reducing Fleet Feet group classes to complete the Fleet Feet Training Arch and pay $200 - along with the two weekly coached group workouts, you'll receive one weekly Functional Strength or Functional Flexibility group class. 
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