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The East to West Massage integrates a range of modalities, both Eastern and Western, to best meet specific therapy goals and preferences and may include a combination of acupressure, Ashiatsu, deep tissue, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, Swedish, Thai, and trigger point techniques.  This massage is designed as a way to get a feel for all of our modalities, and is different every session based on the client’s therapy goals and the therapist’s assessment of client needs during the session. The East to West Massage will benefit anyone looking to reduce stress and muscle tension, with the option to address specific areas of concern in length or the full body more generally. The East to West Massage is a good fit for anyone looking to experience some Eastern-originating Ashiatsu and Thai techniques but who also wants to stay within the familiar Western massage framework.

Why East to West Massage for runners?

  • It keeps you limber.  According to recent medical studies, many forms of massage are useful in separating muscle from fascia, the connective web-like muscle and organ casing extending throughout your body.  Adhesions between the fascia and muscles can form and decrease muscle mobility in that area, and an East to West Massage using a combination of myofascial release, deep tissue, stretching, and active release techniques can keep you limber with better muscle mobility.
  • It speeds up your recovery.  According to published medical studies, massage after exercise was found to reduce the intensity of delayed onset muscle soreness, or the soreness you feel a couple of days after exhausting exercise.  Beyond decreasing soreness, massage has been found to improve cells immune and mitochondrial building functions, decrease inflammation, and increase cortisol levels, effectively making you feel better faster, both mentally and physically.
  • It teaches you about your body.  Receiving an East to West Massage, or any of our massages, is a great way to learn where you’re holding tension and need to focus more of your energy stretching or rolling out.  Oftentimes, we don’t even know how tight our muscles are until we are asked to consciously relax that muscle and have difficulty doing so.  During the massage, the client has the option to have the therapist address the most tense muscles specifically or to continue exploring the tension levels in the entire body.

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