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Tips for before, during and after your massage

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Use the following tips to make your massage therapy more comfortable and enjoyable:


  • Avoid scheduling your session less than 48 hours before a competition for optimal competitive performance
  • Don’t eat just before your massage. Eat earlier in the day if possible, and let your body digest the meal. In many cases, you will be lying on your stomach during a massage, so having a full stomach may make you uncomfortable.
  • Be on time. If you are rushing to your appointment, you may feel frazzled and find it hard to relax during the massage.
During Massage:
  • Take off only as much clothing as you prefer. Some people choose to remove all of their clothing during a massage. Others prefer to leave on their underwear or remain fully clothed.  A sheet or large towel will be provided to cover you completely during the session, so your body won’t be exposed. You’ll be able to undress and dress again in total privacy; I will leave the room while you are dressing. In addition, Thai massages are performed while clothed (on a mat, on the ground). Do what makes you feel comfortable. If you decide to stay clothed, wear comfortable, soft fabrics and loose-fitting items.
  • Talk to me before starting. I will ask you questions about your general health (such as if you have conditions like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or other health problems), what type of pressure you prefer, what areas of your body I should concentrate on and which I should avoid. 
  • Communicate during the massage as needed. During your massage, speak up if you feel I'm not using the proper pressure or if my hands feel cold or too oily from the lotion. Also, let me know if you don’t like the room temperature, or any other things I can adjust for your comfort.
  • Breathe normally. Breathing helps you relax. Don’t hold your breath if you feel anxious or if I'm vigorously massaging an area of the body.
  • Speak up if you feel pain. If a massage hurts at any time, tell me immediately. 
Post Massage: 
  • Don’t sit up or stand too quickly after your massage. Some people may feel dizzy or lightheaded following a long massage, especially if the room is dark and they have been under warm towels or blankets. Relax when your massage is done, sit up slowly, and take your time standing and dressing.
  • Drink lots of water after your massage. I suggest drinking a few cups of water after your massage to hydrate you, and I will offer you water just after your session. Also, massaging muscles and tissues may release metabolic waste that you’ll want to flush out following your therapy. Without it, you may feel queasy or light-headed.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours after your session for optimal massage effects. 

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