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Despite being “short” from a distance runner’s standpoint, the 10k is a difficult race distance to master.  The 10k is a blend of speed and endurance that necessitates running only a few ticks slower than 5k pace, yet for double the distance.  Our 10k Fast program is designed to prepare advanced competitors for the exact physiological challenges of the 6.2-mile distance, teach the body and mind how to push through the tough parts of a race, and perfect a pacing strategy that pushes the limits.

 Our 10k Fast Program is for experienced runners who have made the transition from completing to competing and who have been following a structured training program for at least two years. 


By participating in our 10k Fast program, you will...

  • Master the 10k.  Using some basic strategies, you may find yourself finishing faster and feeling more confident when you toe the line.
  • Become a well-rounded runner.  Work not only your speed, but focus on your endurance.  
  • Be led by Experienced, Professional Head Coaching.  With over 20 years of experience in sports performance, our degreed and credentialed coaches have led 80% of fast program participants to a Personal Record (PR) in a variety of distances. 
When you join our 10k Fast Program, you will...

Fleet Feet Running Club 10k Membership Cost:  $140

Your 10k Membership will run January 19th through April 30th and will include:

  • Fleet Feet Running Club gear.  
  • 35% savings on Fleet Feet Group Classes.
  • 35% savings on Fleet Feet Assessments, including VO2 Assessment, Caloric Expenditure and Functional Movement Screenings.  
  • 20% savings on Fleet Feet's Massage Services.
  • 5% savings while you Shop With Us at Fleet Feet St. Louis.
  • A professionally designed, 12-week training program, including daily workouts.
  • 3 weekly coached group workouts.
  • Weekly communications and support from our dedicated coaching staff.
  • Seminars and clinics on topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, how to dress in the ever-changing St. Louis weather, and cross-training.
  • Affiliation with our extensive team of community partners, health professionals, and service providers who offer benefits to all 10k Training Program members.
  • Unparalleled motivation and the camaraderie of fellow participants with the same training goal!
  • Race day support and post-party.





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