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Our Functional Strength class develops “useful” strength, or the type of strength that makes you faster and healthier.  The first part of each class is spent activating small muscle groups and increasing joint mobility.  Then, large muscle groups are targeted and strengthened. The result is a one-two punch that maximizes energy output and strengthens the muscles surrounding common injury sites.  

Why Functional Strength for Runners?

  • It tops the charts.  Strength training ranks #1 in best non-running ways to boost performance.  A study published last year in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that runners who add three days of resistance training exercises to their weekly program increase their leg strength and enhance their endurance
  • It is your armor against getting injured.  Strength training builds the smaller muscles that running neglects, and can therefore help correct the muscular imbalances that can contribute to overuse injuries in runners.
  • It converts car exhaust into gas.  You will recover faster from those long runs because strength training makes your body more efficient at converting metabolic waste into energy.

"This class addresses the "little things" that I neglect on my own.  They make me stronger and more flexible."  – P.O.
"It's amazing how 45 minutes of simple (well they look simple), functional exercises can help your running.  I have used these classes in conjunction with my running/training schedule over the last 2 years."  M.S.
"I had run 12 marathons before training and taking classes at Fleet Feet.  I noticed a huge difference in my running efficiency and was able to overcome plantar fasciitis in large part because of Hip Mobility and Functional Strength.  I not only PR's with a 3:33 at Boston, but I also felt great for the full 26.2 miles (something I had never previously experienced)."  M.A.

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