Personal Rewards

Get a PR at Fleet Feet!

Our free Personal Rewards (PR) program is one way that Fleet Feet Sports thanks your for your business...and it starts with your very first in-store purchase!

For every dollar you spend in a Fleet Feet St. Louis store you receive one PR point.*  For every 200 points you've earned, we'll email you a $15 coupon that can be used on any in-store purchase within the next 90 days.  To apply coupons towards any of the programs, classes, workshops, or assessments offered by the Fleet Feet Running Club, just follow the simple instructions in the email coupon email.

If you have any questions about the PR Program, please email us.

*Personal Rewards points are not earned on electronics (i.e., fitness trackers, headphones, earbuds, and other electronics), gift card purchases, or sales tax payments.

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