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Footwear FitThe foot is a marvelous structure.  It has 28 bones (including the sesamoids), 33 joints, 112 ligaments, plus tendons, nerves and blood vessels that work in unison to support, balance and propel your body.  Getting fitted with proper footwear is the most important step in preventing injury and enhancing your running or walking experience. Whether you are just beginning a walking program or training for your umpteenth marathon - we can help.

The two primary components of proper footwear selection are Fit and Ride (aka, Function).  Fit involves choosing footwear that matches the size and shape of your feet.  Ride involves choosing footwear that minimizes unwanted loads and torques.  To determine your Fit needs we measure both your feet, assess their shape, and consider any trouble spots we identify during the interview process or the inspection of your bare feet.  Ride needs are determined by analyzing your running or walking style and carefully considering your training loads and injury history.  Using all of the  information gathered, we utilize our extensive training and our proprietary Footwear Identification Tool (FIT) application to make individualized footwear recommendations.  To ensure that our recommendations meet your needs, we’ll carefully inspect the fit of each style and assess their function as you run or walk in them.  After we are both confident that we have identified two or three footwear solutions that meet your fit and function needs, it is up to you to choose the one that best meets your feel and fashion needs.

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