Quivering Quads II Race Instructions

Saturday October 27th 2018

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Race Instructions 

Date | Saturday, October 27th, 2018

Start Times

  • In order to reduce trail congestion, racers will start in waves of 25, with each wave separated by two minutes. Racers were placed in waves based on their estimated road 10K paces, with the fastest runners in the earliest waves.  (Do NOT expect to match your road pace at QQII.)  The first wave will start at 9am and the last wave will start at 9:38 am.  Your start time will be posted on Wednesday, 10/24 and can be found via the button below.  The participant label on your race bib also includes your start time.  Please wear your race number visibly on the front of your torso so we can make sure everyone starts at the correct time.

    Start Times

Directions, Parking & Shuttle

  • Carpool: Parking will be extremely tight on race morning.  Carpooling is highly recommended and will help create a better race experience for all. 
  • Drive Times: Plan to arrive at the parking area within Cuivre River State Park at least 45 minutes before your start time – and not before 7:30am. When parked, please wait one minute before opening your car doors so that the car parking next to you can do so safely.  PLEASE BE PARKED BY 8:50AM.  If you are coming from the St. Louis area, it will take 55 minutes to reach the parking area from the I-70 river crossing and 50 minutes from the I-64 river crossing.  You will be about 35 minutes away when you reach the I-70/Hwy. 61 intersection in Wentzville and 10 minutes away when you reach the park entrance.
  • Directions: You must enter the park through the main entrance.  When you reach Troy on Hwy. 61, exit east on Hwy. 47.   Drive 3.1 miles and turn left into the park on Route 147.  Yield to oncoming traffic when crossing the one-lane bridge.  2.1 miles from Route 147, you will reach the Visitor’s Center and be directed to turn right onto Lincoln Hill Rd. and drive towards the parking area in Camp Cuivre.  Follow the directions of the volunteers to the first open spaces and park your vehicle as efficiently as possible.  
    • Click here to get directions to the park’s Visitors Center.
  • Shuttles: The majority of parking is within ½ mile from the start/finish and within easy walking distance.  For spots further away a shuttle will take you to the race start/finish area.  The vans will be marked with Fleet Feet Sports and their hazard lights will be on.  Shuttles will begin at 7:30am and continue until the last finisher has been returned to their vehicle. Please allow for time to walk or a shuttle to drop you off near the start/finish area.

Start/Finish Area

  • Portable toilets will be available at the start/finish area.  For race participants, water will be available at the start and a selection of hamburgers, hots dogs, Gus Pretzels, beer and other assorted food and drink will be available at the finish. There will be no designated locations for personal items, however, they can be left in start/finish area around picnic tables.  Changing tents will be available after the race.
  • Help us in our effort to recycle! There will be a designated area of recycling bins for all paper (clean), plastic, and aluminum trash. Please do not throw other trash in these bins, we will have separate cans to collect trash in. 
  •  The Great Pumpkin Contest: New to the 2018 QQII event, the contest consists of having participants (You!) decorate, paint, or carve a pumpkin to the design of your choosing, then on race day, bring your masterpiece with you to display for all to see. Racers and spectators will cast their vote for their favorite and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pumpkins. The contest is free to enter but registration is required. Register here and get started creating your Great Pumpkin!

Course Marking

  • The course will be clearly marked with Blue/White striped flagging, directional signage and notification signage.  The flagging and directional signage will keep you on course.  The notification signage will keep you safe.  Please take note of the signs warning of the road crossings, dangerous drop-offs and sections of two-way traffic.  Short portions of the course have two-way traffic and double traffic, please exercise course etiquette and clear communication when passing.  

Aid Stations

  • Aid stations providing water, sports drink, and first aid kits will be located at four locations along the course. Water stations are located at approximately the following miles ~1.75, 3.25, 3.75, 5.5, 7.25
  • We ask our participants to please carry either a handheld bottle or wear a hydration vest or belt and just fill up at aid stations rather than take cups. We will have limited cups at the aid stations in order to decrease our waste for the event. 

Course Etiquette

  • (1) Immediately before passing another athlete, clearly announce “On your left!” or “On your right!” and then make the pass on that side.  (2) If you must listen to music while competing, please wear only one earbud and keep the volume low.  During this race, you WILL need to hear what other racers and volunteers are saying.  (3) Littering on the course is UNACCEPTABLE, we must leave the trail cleaner than we found it.  Please help by carrying any trash you have or find to the next aid station. Aid stations will have trash cans available. 

Medical Support

  • The Lincoln County Ambulance Service will have a crew at the start/finish area.  A first aid kit and cell phones will be available at all aid stations.  In case of an emergency, locate a cell phone as quickly as possible and call 911.  In case of a minor injury, make your way to the closest aid station and ask them to call for a shuttle.  If requested, we will gladly refund the entry fee for any participant who stops or delays their race to assist an injured athlete.

Cutoff Time

  • The course will remain open until the last athlete finishes.  If you need to abandon the race, a pick-up shuttle can be hailed at any aid station.


  • QQII is a great race - but not an ideal spectator sport.  However, your friends and family are invited to join us at the start/finish area. 

Awards, Results & Photos

  • Awards will be awarded to the top three overall finishers and the top three in ten-year age groups. Results and photos will be accessible from Quivering Quads II Webpage


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