You Might be a Runner if..

Runners tend to look at life through a different lens than the rest of the population.  For instance, when we're injured we're more upset about not being able to run than we are about the fact that we have somehow damaged our body.  Runners read that last sentence and say, "Duh!"  Non-runners read it and say, "What?!?!?"  Yes, we're a different lot...and we embrace that fact.  Because of that, I decided to scour the interwebs and put together a list of traits that are very runner-centric.  Read them and see how many apply to your and your training partners.  Let's revel in our idiosyncrasies.

You might be a runner if....
Hopefully, you got a chuckle out of these and saw yourself in a few of them.  Let me know your favorites and please post any that I've missed.  Runners.  Ya, we're different.  But isn't that one of the things that make us great?  Enjoy being a breed apart.  And if you ever feel a need to be among like-minded souls, just swing by FLEET FEET.
Good luck and happy racing.
Coach Cary

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