Sand Your Way to Success

One of the most common reasons that athletes don’t reach their goals is that they are too motivated immediately after they choose their goal.  They get all fired up about meeting the challenge and go “all in” right from the gun.  Athletes get sucked in during this “honeymoon phase” of training, when things are new and easy and awesome.  They get caught up in the immediacy of the emotion and the success.  While it’s great to be excited and motivated, the result is that athletes often end up driving the wheels right off the car.  They need to learn to pace themselves in they want to enjoy continued success.  Here are some guidelines to help you survive the honeymoon. 

After getting excited about and motivated to accomplish a new goal, follow these guideline and properly focus that early energy!  As for the recommendation to seek guidance, that’s what we do every day at FLEET FEET St. Louis. 

Good Luck and Happy Racing!
Coach Cary

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