5 Reasons You Need a New Sports Bra

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5 Reasons You Need a New Sports Bra

  1. It's an exercise essential. | For women of all chest sizes, a proper-fitting, supportive sports bra is as important as the shoes on your feet for any type of activity from running to cross-training to golf.
  2. Fleet Feet Sports specializes in fit! | We take the fit process very seriously, for shoes and sports bras! We work with you, one-on-one in a comfortable, no-pressure environment to make sure it fits like it should and you feel great.
  3. Babies change your bod. | Have kids? Chances are your body - breasts included - has changed. Breast-feeding moms need extra support and if you haven't been fit for a new bra since you gave birth, Fleet Feet Sports can help you find the right fit.
  4. Sports bra technology. | Sports bra fits and functions have come a LONG way! Fleet Feet Sports carries a vast array of options in various support levels, styles, colors and fasteners in a huge range of sizes. Our bras offer awesome support with options like adjustable straps, front or back closures and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  5. A great bra is a great investment. | You wouldn't try to accomplish your fitness goals in a $20 pair of shoes, so why do the same thing in your sports bra? A high-quality, proper-fitting sports bra is an investment that can change your workout. And remember, a sports bra should never see its first birthday. The support breaks down over time so make sure your investment is current.
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