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Because You're Half Crazy

Runners have countless oddities, obsessive-compulsive rituals, and extreme tendencies.  To our non-running friends, we ARE the definition of crazy.  I mean, c'mon, in what other company can you say fartlek and not have someone giggle?  Among runners th…

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Learn to Run

Making the decision to take up running or walking can be scary. But eventually, we get to the point at which the goal to be fitter, healthier, and happier becomes stronger than the fear of failure. With a little planning, we can successfully navigate the first steps to achieving our goals. &…

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Learning to Love Running

I love being involved in the sport of running. Running is all about striving to be more. To be more tomorrow than we are today. To be more dedicated to health and fitness. To be more relaxed. To enjoy more time with our friends. To be more of the person we dream of being. Running is an out…

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Fleet Feet donates $15K to combat CF

December 20th, 2016 | St. Louis, MO This past October, Fleet Feet Sports St. Louis (FFSTL) partnered with Competitor Group Inc. to host the Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Half Marathon Weekend.  It was the 6th annual edition of Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis, an event that evolved from FFSTL's …

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The Value of a Training Program

When creating a training plan, a coach makes a bunch of assumptions. The longer the training cycle, the more assumptions are made. How will the athlete adapt? Will the weather cooperate? What if the athlete gets sick? Or hurt? Having a coach available to adjust training as needed is what mak…

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Merry Fitness

The holidays are a time of goodwill, giving, and celebration with friends and family. Unfortunately, our “healthy” selves tends to take a Christmas vacation while our “gluttonous” selves take the wheel.  It’s important that we establish a game plan before t…

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The Power of the Pack

Back in the day, running was not a mainstream activity. It was hard to find others who had the same running psychosis as the rest of us, thus the common portrait of the solitary runner—man versus road—alone. The loneliness of the long distance runner was a life that many lived. N…

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What's the Next Step

Fall signals the changing of the seasons.  Hot summer turns to chilly autumn.  The trees change from green and lush to a menagerie of colors and falling leaves.  And many runners transition from training for a half or full marathon to…well, what now?  After you com…

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13 Tips for 13 Miles

Race day is upon us.  The last few months have been a potpourri of long runs, short runs, fast runs, slow runs.  You've hit the roads, the trails, the track, and the treadmill.  All culminating in the 13.1 miles that lay before you.  Training was mapped out and easy,…

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The Power of Running to Inspire | Serena Hopson

Every year, Fleet Feet Sports stores across the nation partner with Mizuno to identify runners in our communities who inspire others to be their best. We look for runners who serve as an inspiration by improving their health, overcoming challenges, doing charitable work, and rallying communi…

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