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The Key to Healthy Running? Keep Moving

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Be a better* runner

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Track & Field Shoes

Other than your training shoes, competition shoes are a track & field athlete's most important piece of gear.   Well-fitting shoes that are appropriate for your events can give you the push you need to compete at your best. Sprinters are the fastest runners on the track…

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Show up and make it count

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Why does my nose run when I run in cold weather?

Immediately following a run last weekend with my son and daughter, my son asked, "Why does my nose run when I run in cold weather?"  It's an answer I should know.  I grew up in Ohio and ran in college at Michigan.  I've been dealing with cold weather running snot (sorry, Mom) …

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Cryosphere delivers ice massage at it's best!

Every year I travel to two or three running-specific trade shows where I search far and wide for new and exciting products that will help Fleet Feet customers move more comfortably and perform at their best.  My latest find is the Cryosphere, a simple but very well-designed and well-eng…

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Squeeze more running into winter days

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Make the most of winter

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Keep your toes toasty

In situations where moisture-management is the most important consideration (aka, wet weather and/or extreme sweating), Fleet Feet recommends drymax socks. No other socks are better at moving water away from the surface of your feet.  And in cold or freezing temper…

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Run 26.2together with the Fleet Feet Running Club

Completing a Full Marathon (26.2 miles) is a life-changing event.  A marathon finisher’s medal is a symbol of dedication, hard work, and the accomplishment of a challenging goal.  Participants in our 16-week marathon training program benefit from our professional …

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