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AMP It Up!

A Running Program for Kids Aged 5 to 10

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"If you can run, you can play." - Kat Foust

Playing and running are essential for a child to lead a healthy lifestyle and directly benefit classroom learning in children of all ages.  Research shows that daily physical activity increases information retention, cognitive function, and emotional health in young learners (Exercise and the Brain).  AMP It Up seeks to Accept youth of all running ability and experience levels to come Move with friends in a fun environment focused on Play to improve individual running and fitness.   The easier it is to move, the more kids will want to play whether it is running, competitive team sports, or just for fun activities with friends.

Why should your child join AMP It Up?

Playing and moving have taken a backseat to screens with negative results for our young people.  Even highly competitive, year round sports have unintentionally alienated kids from sports who would rather play just for fun.  We can offer a program that accepts kids who are interested in moving for fun to stay healthy, training that will improve sports fitness, learning more about running, and doing an activity with no pressure to accomplish anything more than improving their own results.

What your child will do at AMP It Up?

Our 60-minute sessions held April through October, we will be outside and use sprinting and endurance running, functional fitness stations, and group games to introduce running in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Our 60-minute sessions held November through March, we will be inside and will utilize HeartZonesPE, a heart rate monitor platform developed by Fleet Feet founder Sally EdwardsHeartZonesPE uses each athlete’s own heart rate to monitor effort within their individual heart rate zones to maximize benefits.  This removes the need to compete with anyone but themselves to have success. Rotating through exercise and movement stations of varying intensity levels will be combined with warm up games and stretching to improve functional fitness making it easier to play and run. 

When can you child join AMP It Up?

AMP It Up sessions are for kids aged 5-10 years and are held Monday evenings at 6:00pm at Craig Elementary School.  First session will run September 9th through October 14th.  

Register by clicking here.  The cost was $90 per child.  Siblings discounts are available upon request.  Please email kat.foust@fleetfeetstlouis.com.  

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