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Off-road running is good for the body and the soul.

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Off-road running is good for the body and the soul.  Trails don’t pound the legs, their uneven surfaces and hills build leg and lung strength, and they provide a close-up view of Mother Nature at her best.  Fleet Feet Running Club offers both a "short" and a "long" Rock Runners trail program.

Our 10-week 10k Rock Runners program teaches participants how to safely enjoy off-road running and introduces them to different local trails.  Team members should enter the program capable of running at least 3 miles on the roads at a pace of 12:30/mile or faster.  Members of our 10-week 13.1M Rock Runners program and should enter the program available to run at least one group workout each week and capable of running at least 5 miles on the roads at a pace of 12:30/mile or faster.


Upcoming Programs

Our 10-week summer Rock Runners 10k and 13.1M programs will begin with a kickoff meeting on Monday, May 6th, 6:00pm at our Des Peres store.  We train Wednesday evenings at Creve Coeur's Bootlegger's Run starting at 6:00pm and Saturday mornings at various St. Louis/St. Charles County Parks starting at 7:00am.  If you are an Active-level member of Fleet Feet Running Club (FFRC), we invite you to pass the time before your program begins by joining us for our Thursday evening and Sunday morning social runs.  Among other benefits, Active-level FFRC members receive a discount on training programs.  To become an Active member, click here.  To register for our Summer Rock Runners 10k program, click here.  To register for our Summer Rock Runners 13.1M program, click here.

Rock Runners Cost:

  • Rock Runners 10k:  $140
  • Rock Runners 13.1mi:  $168

Active-level club members receive a 15% discount.  Click here to learn more.


"If you are looking for a change in your running routine, I highly recommend enrolling in Fleet Feet's Rock Runners program.  The trails of St. Louis County are great courses on which to be introduced to the technical aspects of trail running, preparing you for any trail race.  Since joining the program last year my endurance, agility, and strength have significantly improved, which has also contributed to my road race performance."  - BB

"Fleet Feet's Rock Runners program will help you improve your road race times because trails are more physically demanding.  Personally, I was able to improve my half marathon time on the same course by 27 minutes!  I know the trail training was a big part of achieving that." - TJ

"Fleet Feet's Rock Runners program introduces you to trails across St. Louis that you may have never discovered on your own. The ability to pick from week to week if you want to do the short or long route is great when your schedule changes. And you are introduced to trails that you can hike or run with your family." - SB

"As a female, I think that for safety reasons it is great to run in the woods with a group of people.  And running in the woods really does make you feel like a kid again." - LJ

"Fleet Feet's coaching staff is awesome!  Head coach Andy is an incredible runner and offers great insight and tips for trail running - and he is very thorough when mapping out the routes.  All of the coaches will help you improve your running while teaching trail etiquette, safety, and they know what to do if someone gets hurt." - DC

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