Amy Marxkors

If You’ve Got It, Own It

I talk too much. I always have. I’m self-conscious about it. No, not in the sense of spy movies or the “Loose lips sink ships” way. I understand what is public knowledge and … Read More

The Thing About Looking Back

I heard Megan gasp, so I looked back, and Chris looked back, and then I looked forward just in time to run into Chris, whom I very nearly tackled into morning rush hour traffic on Clayton Road… Read More

Balance and Burritos

How do you know if someone at a party is eating Paleo? Don’t worry. He’ll let you know. Boom.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hater. I mean, unless you’re … Read More

After You Cross the Finish Line

During training, recovery is the name of the game. Post-race, it’s no different. Once your goal race has come and gone, your next objective should be to treat your body to the … Read More

Saucony Hydralite

High performance? Check. Environmentally conscious? Check. Lightweight? Check. Really, really lightweight? Double check. Saucony’s line of Hydralite shirts, tanks, and singlets was… Read More

NEW! Craft Apparel

Born in Sweden over 30 years ago, Craft invented the performance apparel market with their groundbreaking, moisture-wicking, super-lightweight materials and fabrication. Our favorite… Read More