Amy L. Marxkors

...and Our Hearts Remain Soft

She always stood on the corner of 16th and Clark, as permanent and unremarkable as the chain-link fence and concrete barriers surrounding the parking lot behind her. Her clothes were reveali… Read More

All About That Base

One month ago today, I raced the hills of south St. Louis on a marathon course that blew the wheels of my wagon. Today, I am pleased to announce I have finally recovered!  [insert applau… Read More

Running's Dirty Little Secret

People who run: I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. Ready? You sure? Because you may want to turn your computer screen or hold your hand over your phone so no one can see w… Read More

They Can't All Be Keepers

Raise your hand if you saw this coming. I know, I know. Did I really think I was going to race a fast half marathon on a notoriously hilly course two weeks after racing a full marathon that r… Read More

Grow Your Marathon Beard

You survived the summer. The long runs. The workouts. The mileage. The Oh-My-Gosh-I-Think-I-Broke-My-Femur-Please-Say-I-Didn’t-Break-My-Femur injury that turned out to be a tight hip fle… Read More

Run Crazy in Love

I’m in love—like, seriously in love—with a lot of things. Hoodies. Short stories. Coffeehouses. Forest Park. Pimento-stuffed olives. Mariachi bands. Trucker hats. Falafel. Re… Read More

Women of Valor

Every day, the war wages. In television commercials and in pop music. In movie theaters and on magazine covers. On the sidelines at professional sporting events and on the runways of the fashi… Read More