Amy L. Marxkors

It Takes Two (Or More)

The chances of a successful workout were slim. After all, my track record wasn’t exactly stellar.  No, literally. The track and I are on the fritz. With a marathon looming a short… Read More

One Foot in the Future

I always brought a calendar. I liked to maintain my place in time, literally, with little numbered squares, filled up with notes and checked off with a victorious, slanting line. It was my way… Read More

Summer Miles

Summer Miles (Sung to the tune of “Summer Nights” from Grease) Summer runnin’ had me a blastSummer runnin’ happened so fastPicked a race, flat as can be;Signed up earl… Read More

Girl vs Wild

I feel a connection to Bear Grylls. Seriously. I do. Defying the elements. Tussling with nature. It’s the survivor instinct. No, I’ve never had to weather a monsoon in a tent made … Read More

Meant To Be

I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t know if I would make it. Saturday was my birthday, and for the second straight year, I was going to run my age. One mile for every y… Read More

A Swift Kick

Let’s all give each other a swift kick in the gluteus maximus, shall we? It’s inevitable. If you are a human being, at some point during your life, you are not going to feel like … Read More