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Sunday, March 10th, 2019

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DATESunday, March 10th, 2019

You may pick up your race packet, and those of any family or friends during the following times:

In order to reduce trail congestion, racers will start in waves of 25, with each wave separated by three minutes. Racers were placed in waves based on their estimated road half marathon paces, with the fastest runners in the earlier waves.  Do NOT expect to match your road time on the trails at QQ!  For the 50K, the first wave will start at 8am and the last wave will start at 8:12am. The first wave for the half marathon will start at 9am and the last wave will start just before 10am.  Your start times are posted here. The label on your race number also includes your start time.  Please wear your race number visible on the front of your torso so we can make sure everyone starts at the correct time and can be identified easily on course. This is extremely important for 50K participants for their mandatory check-in points on course.  More details below about the 50K mandatory check-ins. 


  • CARPOOL:  Parking will be tight on race morning.  Please carpool, if possible.
  • DRIVE TIMES: Plan to arrive at the parking area within Cuivre River State Park at least 50 minutes before your start time – and not before 6:50am.  If you are coming from the St. Louis area, it will take 55 minutes to reach the parking area from the I-70 river crossing and 50 minutes from the I-64 river crossing.  You will be about 35 minutes away when you reach the I-70/Hwy. 61 intersection in Wentzville and 15 minutes away when you reach the park entrance.
  • DIRECTIONS: You must enter the park through the main entrance.  When you reach Troy on Hwy. 61, exit east on Hwy 47.   Drive 3.1 miles and turn left into the park on Route 147.  Yield to oncoming traffic when crossing the one-lane bridge.  2.1 miles from Route 147, you will reach the Visitor’s Center and be directed to turn right on Lincoln Hill Rd.  Once you reach the stop sign at the top of Lincoln Hill, you will be directed to take a right and drive towards the parking area in Camp Cuivre.  Follow the directions of the volunteers to the first open spaces and park your vehicle as efficiently as possible. 
    • Click here to get directions to the park’s Visitors Center. (GPS directions may take you a non- preferred way to this location.)
  • SHUTTLES: Participants are required to use the shuttle service, which will take you to the race start/finish area. Please allow for 15-20 mins for the shuttle ride from the parking lot to race headquarters.  The vans will be marked with Fleet Feet and their hazard lights will be on.  Shuttles will begin at 6:55am and continue until the last finisher has been returned to their vehicle. 
    • SPECTATORS: Please allow participants to be shuttled to the race headquarters first. With six shuttles in rotation, we will be able to get everyone to the start line in time but want to give preference to the participants. With this year's forecast, we understand many spectators will want to be shuttled back to the warmth of your cars.  You can catch a shuttle from the race headquarters that can drop you off near your car.  When you are ready to head back to the pre/post-race area to cheer on your family/friend through the finish, please text/call: 314.276.1495 (Lynn) and allow 15-20 mins for the shuttle to pick you up.  Participants and spectators will NOT be allowed to park at the race headquarters area
  • RESTROOMS: There will be a couple of portable toilets available in the parking area, at the pre/post-race area, and on the course near each aid station. 

START/FINISH AREA (race headquarters)
Participants and spectators will NOT be able to park at the pre/post-race area.  Portable toilets will be available at the start/finish area.  Pre-race water will be available near the start line. A selection of food and drink will be available for post-race participants, including grilled cheese, Gus's Pretzels, fruit, water, Gatorade, and beer (21 & up).  Multiple fire rings and a fireplace will be available at pre/post-race area for participants to keep warm.  EMS will be on-site all day at race headquarters. Warming stations will be available in case of emergencies at race headquarters.

  • Half Marathon Participants: There will be no official gear check area but personal supplies can be left in the tented area at start/finish area.  All bags and coolers should be marked with your name, race number, and a contact number.  Changing tents will be available for both pre/post race.
  • 50K Participants: Will have an official check-in for their race bag drop.  More details are provided below.  Bags that are not needed during the race can be placed in the tent area with the HM participant bags. 

The course will be clearly marked with BLUE and RED STRIPED flagging, directional signage, along with course marshals.  The flagging and directional signage will keep you on course.  The notification signage will keep you safe.  Please take note of the signs warning of two-way traffic.

  • Half Marathon participants will follow the RED-STRIPED flagging and RED ARROWS their entire race with mile markers posted at mile 4, 8, and 12.
  • 50K participants will follow the BLUE-STRIPED flagging and BLUE ARROWS their first loop and the RED-STRIPED flagging and RED ARROWS during their second loop. Mile markers will be posted at miles 4, 7, 12, and 16. 
  • Course Maps

Quivering Quads Trail Race is trying to minimize waste so we encourage our runners to bring their own hydration bottles, belts, or packs to refill along the course. With cold temperatures predicted, we recommend wearing water belts or packs inside your jacket keep them from freezing. We will have minimal cups available at aid stations. To limit trash on the course we will not allow cups to leave aid stations. Porta-johns will be located near each aid station. Each aid station will have a first-aid kit available and an emergency warming station.

  • Half Marathon Aid Stations- will be located at approximately the following mile locations: 4.3, 6.0, 8.5, and 11*. All aid stations will provide water, sports drink, pretzels, and potato chips. 
  • 50K Aid Stations- will be located at approximately the following mile locations: 4.3, 6.0, 7.0, 12.5, 15.5, 17.9, 22.0, 24.0, 27.0, and 29.0. The station at mile 7.0, 15.5, and 29.0 will be a self-serve, water only aid station for you to refill your bottles or pack ( no cups at this location). All other aid stations will be stocked with water, sports drink, pretzels, and a variety of foods including Coke, PB&J, tortilla & peanut butter, bananas, pickles, trail mix, gummi bears, sports beans, potato chips, and M&Ms. If these items do not match your dietary needs please plan to bring your own fuel in your drop bag which will be available to you at mile 17.9.


  • Dogs are not allowed to participate in the race. 
  • Participants should be prepared to encounter the following elements on the trails: multiple creek crossing's with ankle-deep water, wind, snow, mud, as well as patches of ice along some of the low lying areas.  Majority of the creek crossing can be crossed without getting wet, except for the large creek crossing which is currently ankle deep.  A bit to the south of the large creek crossing lie some stones that could be used to minimize getting soaked!
  • TWO-WAY TRAFFIC: There is a two-way traffic section along both the half marathon and 50K course. Please follow these simple course etiquette steps when passing other participants. Immediately before passing another athlete, clearly announce “On your left!” or “On your right!” and then make the pass on that side. 
  • If you must listen to music while competing, we require you to only wear ONE earbud and keep the volume low.  During this race, you WILL need to hear what other racers and volunteers are saying to keep everyone safe.
  • Littering on the course is UNACCEPTABLE. We must leave the trail cleaner than we found it. Please help by carrying any trash you find to the next aid station. No cups or food containers are allowed to leave aid stations. 
  • With temperature's very unpredictable this time of year dressing in layers is the best option. If you need to remove a layer during the race, please carry it to the next aid station and leave it with the volunteers. All clothing dropped off at aid stations will be brought back to the start/finish area at the end of the race. Fleet Feet will hold onto the clothes for one week before donating. If you wish to receive your item of clothing back, please contact the Race Production team ASAP after the race.
    • Half Marathon - a split point will be placed on the course near mile 4.1 miles and 8.45 miles
    • 50K - split points will be placed on the course near miles 4.1 miles, ~12.3 miles, ~22 miles, 26 miles


  • The Half Marathon course will remain open until 3pm, approximately five hours after the start of the last wave.  If you reach an aid station behind the pace necessary to finish before 3 pm (approximately 23:00/mile if you start in the final wave), you will be driven back to the start/finish area.
  • The 50K course will remain open until 4:15pm, approximately eight hours after the start of the last wave. You must complete the first loop (~17.9 miles) in 4.5 hours in order to continue on to the second loop.

Below is important additional information for 50K participants to be aware of.  All 50K participants will need to sign the acknowledgment agreement sent out in the pre-race email or found here.  You will need to turn it in on race morning at drop bag check-in. You will not be allowed to participate in the event until your agreement is received.

  • Please first pick up your packet on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning at packet pick-up.  On race morning, all 50K participants are required to check-in at the drop-bag tent, located behind the Stone Shelter at pre/post-race area. 
  • One drop bag is allowed for each participant. The bag needs to be no larger than a drawstring bag and must be closed (no totes). Your name, bib number, and a phone number must be written on the outside of the bag.  The drop bag location will give you access to your bag after your first loop,  at ~17.9M. Please pick-up your drop bag after the race, or it will be donated.
    • Potential drop bag items: extra pair of shoes, clean/dry socks, body glide, band-aids, electrolyte tablets, gels, salt tabs, non-liquid snacks (if you cannot tolerate items provided at aid stations), light waterproof or resistant layer, light jacket, and gloves.
    • DON’T pack anything that you aren’t prepared to part with permanently. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • MANDATORY 50K CHECK-IN POINTS- Every runner is REQUIRED to check-in at the following aid stations:
    • Park Rd. Aid Station (#3) - located approximately at mile 12.5 and 27
    • Base Aid Station (#4) - located at approximate mile: 17.9.  This station is located at the completion of Loop 1 at the pre/post race area.  This is also where your drop bag is located. 
    • Participants are responsible for locating the designated volunteer (wearing a yellow safety vest) at aid station #3 & #4 and check-in with them.  The volunteer will keep an eye out for you, but it is ultimately the participant's responsibility to ensure the volunteer recorded the time of day you came through the checkpoint. You do not need to check in and check out, just in. Anyone who does not get all mandatory check-ins on paper will result in a DQ.
    • If for any reason you need to drop out of the race, please walk to the nearest course marshal or aid station and have them call for a shuttle


  • The current weather report is available here.  We are keeping a very close eye on the forecasted conditions and staying in communication with the park staff. It is our intention to continue forward with our commitment to you and host the event. However, there is the possibility the weather could worsen quickly and produce unsafe road conditions leading to the park staff closing park roads. If this happens, we will make the call to cancel the morning of the event. The weather forecast is ominous and the safety of our participants and volunteers is our highest priority.

  • No make-up date or refunds will be given if the event is canceled due to weather.

  • It is imperative for you to follow our social media for the latest updates and exercise your best judgment as to whether or not it is safe for you to attend. 

Facebook & Instagram - @ffstl       Facebook Event Page        QQ Website

The Lincoln County Ambulance Service will have a crew at the start/finish area.  A first aid kit and cell phones will be available at all aid stations and course marshals will have cell phones.  In case of an emergency, locate a cell phone as quickly as possible and call 911.  In case of a minor injury, make your way to the closest aid station and ask them to call for a shuttle.  If requested, we will gladly refund the entry fee for any participant who stops or delays their race to assist an injured athlete.

QQ is a great race – but not an ideal spectator event.  Half Marathoners will be visible to spectators at the start and the finish.  50K participants will be visible to spectators at the start, ~17.9 after completing the first loop, and the finish. There are no other safe viewing locations along the course.  Your friends and family, however, are invited to join us at the start/finish location. A small playground is available for children.  Please suggest they dress warm and bring a folding chair. Spectators are required to park in participant parking and take the shuttles.

Medals will be awarded to all Half Marathon finishers. Belt Buckles will be awards to all 50K finishers. Awards will be awarded to the top three overall male/female finishers and the top three males/females in ten-year age groups for the half marathon. 50K awards will be given to top three overall male/female finishers and top three male/female masters (40+)  Award winners who do not pick up on race day will receive an email explaining how they can pick up their award after the event.  Results and photos will be accessible from ffstl.com/QQ.

Volunteers are the truly indispensable component of any event of this type!  It is vital for all runners to frequently & warmly express your appreciation at each encounter! They have offered up their time to be helping hands on the course, check you in in the morning, cook you grilled cheese post-race, hand you a cold beer at the finish and encourage you throughout the event for very little in return. They are just happy to be there supporting your goals!


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